Benefits With Friends

Grouper is leading a social fitness movement that encourages healthy living through meaningful social connections and shared experiences.

You Play,

We Pay

As you join and participate in qualifying in-person activities with groups, we work with your health plan to support the costs of participation in those groups and make other benefits available to you. Looking for a group? Grouper has assembled a robust network of social activities for members to join and enjoy. Stay active, stay connected and keep us updated on your social activity – we do the rest.

How Grouper Works

Find out if you qualify for Grouper through your health plan.

Receive support for your dues and other expenses for the activities you love doing.

Keep us posted on your social fitness to earn bonus benefits all year

This is Healthcare?

Having fun with friends isn’t healthcare. Or is it? We know that joining clubs, groups, and social activities-everything from archery to Zumba protects us against social isolation and improves our health, quality of life, and cost of care.

“I’ve never had such camraderie as I’ve had since I joined this group. Being social is so important for the brain and that, to me, is probably 90% of being healthy.”

-Jacque Hendricks


Life's Too Long Not to Belong