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Join A Community of Like-Minded People

Here’s how it works:

  • Grouper partners with health plans that include activity benefits as part of their offering.
  • As you stay active, we work with your health plan to support your passion.
  • For eligible members, Grouper pays for part or all of the group activities that provide social connection and keep you healthy.
  • It’s that simple!

Clubs by Grouper

These clubs were created to connect active members with a passion based club. Join one of these clubs to find a social community of like-minded people who could become your new friends! 

Once your eligibility is confirmed, Grouper will send you an initial payment of $50. For each three months of activity after that, we will send $20 if you stay active and keep us updated on your in-person social activity! 

We are here to support your love of:



Pets are family – they provide  companionship and love. At Grouper, we celebrate the special bond of a pet and encourage you to connect with others who share that joy.


Arts & Crafts

Let Grouper support your next purchase of supplies! If you have an artistic mind and want to join a social community that encourages creativity and your love of painting, cutting, and building, this is the perfect “studio” for you.



Grouper believes your social circle and your garden are keys to healthy living. Join our expanding community to exchange tips, tricks, and secrets for growing your favorite flowers or fresh produce.

Golf + USGA (2)


You won’t need a mulligan after joining this group. Connect with other golfers about their short game and their favorite driver. Your next round is on us!

Four fit, active and mature players enjoying the sport and sunshine outside in healthy community.


Pickleball is the perfect blend of exercise and social connection. The activity benefit from Grouper can help you buy  a new paddle, reserve court time, or cover the costs of drop-in play.



It’s hard to pick what genre is best, but we know movie-lovers will pick this passion group. Debate and critique the movies you love with like-minded cinephiles and use the activity benefit from Grouper to support your appreciation of film. 



Connect with people who move their feet as much as you do! Dance is a powerful way to foster social connections and we support bringing people together through the shared joy of movement and emotional expression.



Your next trip to the bowling center is on us! Join a group that supports your passion and helps you stay connected with bowling enthusiasts in your community and across the United States.

Member Stories

Your stories are the reason that Grouper exists! 

All around the country, members are finding and connecting with each other to build community and meaningful relationships. Our mission is to help create opportunities for people to connect. Here are a few of their stories! 

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