You are the lifeblood of every passion under the sun.

That is why we love associations with turn-key solutions to recruit, retain and reward members with covered dues. We <3 associations.

We Are Very Attractive

People who share your passion are pretty passionate about us. Why? We support membership dues and expenses, and help them realize a health benefit they might not have known they have. And they’ll thank you for partnering with us!

We Are Very Engaging

Our appeal goes beyond just supporing membership dues (though, that is a huge draw). Through co-branded marketing materials, a presence at conventions and major events and other sponsorship opportunities, Grouper helps you attract and retain members by creating excitement and buzz around your association.

We Are Very Popular

We don’t mean to brag, it’s just that there is no humble way to say this: Associations who work with us love us. We offer a turn-key solution, provide you with all the assets you need, and we never, ever ask you to share your member lists with us. Join the growing community of associations that are making Grouper so popular.


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