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Doug Wenners

For decades, the health care system has embraced the philosophy of “manage what you measure.” Hospitals and health plans measure hospital admissions and length of stay. The public health community measures the rate of premature deaths, cancer rates and opioid overdoses. Though useful for planning, none of these measures actually offers a blueprint for health improvement….

Doug Wenners

Last week, I accompanied a close friend to his first chemotherapy appointment to treat a recently diagnosed cancer. As he met with the doctor, I sat in the waiting room and watched as a stream of patients walked to the registration desk. Many of them had something in common: they were accompanied by a friend or family member. The rest came alone. Sitting in the waiting room brought back memories from 30 years ago…

Doug Wenners

The man was surrounded by walls of garbage.

Bags and bags of trash filled the living room of one of the newest patients of the home-based medical practice I founded in 2019. It lined the walls of every room, creating a hulking, plastic forest of rot. The nurse practitioner who first visited this patient had assumed he was a hoarder. But the patient soon explained that he did not want to live among all this waste…

Grouper Press Releases

Partnership Announcement

Grouper, the national leader in activity benefit administration, is thrilled to announce a partnership with Walk with a Doc, a global non-profit organization that encourages healthy living through regular walking events led by physicians and other healthcare providers.

PR Newswire

Element3 Health, the national leader in group activity management and benefit administration, has changed its name to Grouper. The change reflects the company’s deep commitment to improving health, happiness and longevity through group activities and the social connections they create…

Social Fitness Content


In an increasingly connected world, a paradoxical crisis is silently gripping communities: social isolation. And it is casting a long shadow over public health, from older adults grappling with seclusion to the unexpected repercussions for younger generations…


If you’re visiting with loved ones this holiday season, a new study suggests you make that a habit on a regular basis, if you haven’t already. Those who don’t socialize with friends or family may see their risk of dying early increase by 39%…

Science Focus

Dr Gillian Sandstrom was at the opera when she realised how good she had become at talking to strangers. A woman with Parkinson’s was feeling anxious and needed an aisle seat when Sandstrom noticed…

Member's Corner

Spencer Morgan

Every Tuesday night at 6 p.m., in Huntsville, Alabama, 88 familiar faces gather under the neon lights and the familiar,  comforting soundtrack of rolling balls, scattering pins and the clank of bowling machines doing their business. It’s league night, an American tradition, alive and well at Redstone Lanes. 

Spencer Morgan

On a recent Wednesday afternoon at Suhaka Field, Loren Anderson craned his neck skyward as the vintage biplane he had built from scratch – including cutting its balsa wood parts – soared through a clear blue Colorado sky. 

Spencer Morgan

Ruth Kennedy had some scraps of fabric leftover from making clothes over the years for her family. Living now in a town far from the one she had called home, Kennedy decided to visit a local quilt shop to see what she could piece together from her collection. What she found there was so much more than she could have imagined…

Linda Jacobsen

I’m 70, and my social life has been brimming with fun, wonderful friendships and exciting activities ever since I joined my pickleball club. My physical health has improved greatly, from weight loss to lower blood pressure and better blood test results. My emotional health is excellent due to having so many exceptional friends…

Spencer Morgan

As darkness fell on Dec. 30, 2008, Dave and Joan Brown stood overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, their eyes fixed on a lighthouse. For Joan, it was a moment of triumph, having finally completed the American Volkssport Association’s “Lighthouse, USA” special program – a challenge to complete 12 sanctioned walks with a lighthouse before midnight Jan. 1, 2009…

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