What is Grouper?

Grouper is leading a social fitness movement that encourages healthy living through meaningful social connections and shared experiences. Join the movement!

Grouper helps you to access benefits and be reimbursed for part or all of the activities that provide social connection and keep you healthy. 

How It Works…

Grouper partners with health plans who offer their members activity benefits as part of their health insurance. We help those members connect to social activities that match their passions. We offer a robust and diverse network of activities to choose from.  As you stay socially active and participate in qualifying in-person activities with those groups, Grouper works with your health plan to support the cost of your membership dues and make other benefits available to you related to your social activity.

Benefits With Friends…

We believe, and research supports, that staying healthy by having fun with friends is a winning combination. Joining and participating in clubs, associations, and social groups has proven to have a positive impact on health and protect against social isolation and loneliness. Our health plan partners agree!  

You Play, We Pay…

As you join and participate in qualifying in-person activities with groups in our network or groups you bring to our network, we work with your health plan to support the costs of your membership in those groups and make other benefits available to you. In addition to membership dues coverage, Grouper has also assembled a robust network of social activities for members to join and participate in. Stay active and stay connected! Keep us updated on your social activity – we will do the rest.  

What Types Of Activities Are Available?

We know that activities with meaningful social connections – from archery and quilting to pickleball and Zumba – can help keep us physically and mentally fit. Our network of clubs, associations, and groups offer a wide variety of activities that fit your passions.  Our network also includes certain clubs owned and operated by Grouper that enable members to join and connect with people who share their passion! And if your club or group isn’t yet part of Grouper, tell us about it and we will explore how to include your group in our expansive network.

The Gym Isn’t For Everyone…

For decades, health plans have offered gym memberships as a fitness benefit designed to keep their eligible members healthy. But the data in favor of group activities is overwhelming: a group activity that members love is ten times more popular than a gym membership, and an ever-growing body of medical and clinical evidence confirms the health benefits of participating in a group activity.

What’s The Catch? This Sounds Too Good To Be True…

There is no catch! Grouper recognizes what medical and social science have now well documented: that building and maintaining social connections become more difficult as we age. We believe that activities with others is an important part of the solution and we are committed to bringing people together and rewarding ongoing activity. Simply put, group activities lead to longer and healthier lives. By partnering with health plans that share our view, Grouper helps eligible members access and utilize benefits available through their health insurance plans.

How Do I Know If I Am Eligible?

It’s easy! Simply sign up on our website. We check your eligibility with your health plan and you can expect an email confirmation within 3-5 business days notifying you of your eligibility status. If you are not eligible, check back in with us again soon. The number of health plan partners we work with is continuously expanding.

What Information Do I Need to Share To Check Eligibility?

  • Basic contact information (Name, Phone, Email, Zip Code)
  • Health plan information
  • In some cases, we might ask for your membership number if you are already part of a group or club

How Do We Support Your Membership Dues? 

Sign up and provide your health plan member ID so we can check your eligibility. Once your eligibility and group membership are confirmed, Grouper will reimburse part or all of the membership dues of the group or club where you take part in qualifying in-person activities. Stay active and keep us updated.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Membership Dues?

You can generally expect to receive your membership dues reimbursement via mail within 45 days.

How Do I Confirm That I Actively Participate In A Group? 

Confirming your activity is important. Each month, we will contact you to inquire about your ongoing in-person participation in your social activity groups. Participating in social activities may include things like being part of group events and tournaments hosted by your group, attending member meetings and/or gatherings, and even joining informal social get togethers and similar social activities with members of your group.

What If I Don’t Report Any Activities?

If you do not report qualifying in-person activity but request reimbursement to address your dues, we will contact you to confirm your continued activity. Reporting activity is important for you to receive ongoing benefits. 

Is My Privacy Protected?

Yes. Your information is not sold. We only share your information for the purposes of administering your social activity benefit provided to you by your health plan and to connect you with social activity groups, as explained in our Member Terms of Service available on our website at: https://hellogrouper.com/app-terms-of-use/, as well as our Privacy Policy, available at https://hellogrouper.com/privacy-policy/.

Is Grouper An Insurance Company?

We are not a health insurance company and we do not sell health insurance to members. We partner with health insurance companies that offer the social activity benefit to their members. We believe health plans play an important role in promoting and encouraging health and meaningful connection through social activities.

Who Do I Contact If I Need Help Signing Up Or Have Questions?

Our friendly Member Engagement Team at Grouper is here to help! Give them a call at (833) 906-1700 or email them at info@hellogrouper.com.

How We Work With Groups

At Grouper, we have created an ecosystem of services to support activity groups and their members.  

Together, We Support Your Members…

We know you care about your members. We care about them, too. By collaborating, we can help inform members of their social activity benefits and explain how they can receive reimbursement for their membership dues and other benefits. Your members play, we pay.

We Make It Easy…

Working together, we supply you with the materials and information needed to spread the word about Grouper to your members. From email and newsletter content to media and video content, we prepare and share what you need to spread the word.

We Help You Shine…

As part of our network, we support the ongoing activity of your current members. We also raise awareness about your group’s offerings as new members explore our Grouper network in search of activities they are passionate about.

How We Work With You Virtually

Get Help With The New Grouper Platform!

On this page, you’ll find different resources to help your transition to the new Grouper (previously Element3 Health) platform. Here you can contact our member team, sign up for a walkthrough webinar, and submit your feedback.

We recognize the significance of social interaction when it comes to your club experience. That’s why, starting February 14th and over the coming months, we’ll be making improvements to the virtual platform based on your feedback.

*Not Required. Only needed if forgotten.

Links to Resources

Finding Virtual Clubs, Viewing Activity Start Times, Joining a Club, & Signing up for an Activity (5 minutes)

Joining Zoom Events – Starting February 21 (3 minutes):

Disabling Pop-up Blocker in Safari on iPad (1 minute):
The Virtual Club Directory webpage (Shown in ‘Joining Zoom Events’ video):

Contact Us

Phone: (833) 906-1700

Email: info@hellogrouper.com

How To Join Zoom Events With The New Platform

*Specifically for events after February 20th. 

Joining Events From Activity Page

1. The club homepage can be reached from the email reminder & magic link, as well as via the Virtual Club Directory & Go to Club button above
2. From the club homepage, select the purple ‘Click here to join the fun’ link
3. Zoom is launched and you join the live event

Joining Events From "My Schedule"

1. Login to the Grouper platform
2. The ‘My Schedule’ page displays with the list of activities you have already signed up for
3. Locate the activity that is live or about to go live on Zoom
4. Click [Details] to open the ‘Activity Details’ page
5. Scroll down and click ‘Zoom Link’ to join the Zoom event