Get Help With The New Grouper Platform!

On this page, you’ll find different resources to help your transition to the new Grouper (previously Element3 Health) platform. Here you can contact our member team, sign up for a walkthrough webinar, and submit your feedback.

We recognize the significance of social interaction when it comes to your club experience. That’s why, starting February 14th and over the coming months, we’ll be making improvements to the virtual platform based on your feedback.

*Not Required. Only needed if forgotten.

Links to Resources

Finding Virtual Clubs, Viewing Activity Start Times, Joining a Club, & Signing up for an Activity (4 minutes)

Joining Zoom Events – Starting February 21 (3 minutes):

Disabling Pop-up Blocker in Safari on iPad (1 minute):
The Virtual Club Directory webpage (Shown in ‘Joining Zoom Events’ video):

Contact Us

Phone: (833) 906-1700


How To Join Zoom Events With The New Platform

*Specifically for events after February 20th. 

Joining Events From Activity Page

1. The club homepage can be reached from the email reminder & magic link, as well as via the Virtual Club Directory & Go to Club button above
2. From the club homepage, select the purple ‘Click here to join the fun’ link
3. Zoom is launched and you join the live event

Joining Events From "My Schedule"

1. Login to the Grouper platform
2. The ‘My Schedule’ page displays with the list of activities you have already signed up for
3. Locate the activity that is live or about to go live on Zoom
4. Click [Details] to open the ‘Activity Details’ page
5. Scroll down and click ‘Zoom Link’ to join the Zoom event