Give members a free year of an ACBL membership.

ACBL has partnered with Grouper, a Medicare Advantage benefit, to cover eligible members’ dues for an additional year.
Enroll your club today and give your members the gift of a free ACBL membership.

Member registration is simple!

There are just a few steps for members to get started. They can put in their information here or contact our member engagement team.

Once completed, members play bridge and start earning credits towards a free year of membership. It’s that easy!

Help improve health outcomes for all.

Grouper works with clubs and associations to engage older adults physically, socially, and mentally around the passions they love, including bridge!

By joining the Grouper network of clubs, you’re actively working to improve access to activities that improve mental and social wellness. You’re club also gains recognition and new access to members interested in playing bridge.


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