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Grouper partners with the most innovative payers, associations and clubs around the US to bring awareness to social fitness and promote meaningful connection.


Grouper is currently offered as a benefit by the nation’s largest Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans. A radically new benefit, Grouper is provided by participating health plans to pay members for having fun. Want to offer it to your members?

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We love working with associations to bring our mission to life. Our combined effort as mission driven organizations fuels the message to your members. We also do all the heavy lifting with content, media, and some fancy videos. Let’s partner together.

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You care about your members, and we help you show it. By partnering with us, you tip your members off to a health benefit that they might not know – one that gets their dues covered or heavily subsidized. We supply you with nicely designed material to help you spread the word to your members.

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