I Joined a Club. Then My Life Changed.

Linda Jacobsen Grouper Swag

By Linda Jacobsen
Grouper Social Ambassador

I’m a single female. At age 62, I retired from running my busy, fun, travel-filled golf business and was ready to embrace my next chapter. Suddenly, my full life became very quiet and isolated in my beautiful but small Colorado mountain community. I quickly realized my friends lived in other places, and as a single person, I didn’t have many social connections in my new home area, or many things to do. I kind of became a couch potato.

Through my local recreation center, I found a pickleball class. I had heard about pickleball and, because I used to play tennis fairly well, figured, “How hard can it be?” I went to the class, learned to play and then I found out about – and joined – a club, Evergreen Pickleball Club. I embraced my new sport, my new club and my new lifestyle. I made more friends than I could have ever imagined. This led to me becoming a USA Pickleball Ambassador, a member of Evergreen Pickleball Club’s Board, a recreation center pickleball teacher and starting pickleball summer camp programs for children.

I’m now 70, and my social life has been brimming with fun, wonderful friendships and exciting activities ever since I joined my club. My physical health has improved greatly, from weight loss to lower blood pressure and better blood test results. My emotional health is excellent due to having so many exceptional friends and relationships.

Being a Grouper Social Ambassador gives me the opportunity to encourage and educate older adults, clubs and communities about opportunities that reward and enrich our lifestyles. Grouper’s mission inspires me to help other people and clubs come together and develop better, happier healthier lives. I’m very proud to be a Grouper Social Ambassador.

Thank you, Evergreen Pickleball Club and thank you, Grouper, for supporting older adults and improving lives.