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At Grouper, we are committed to enhancing lives by connecting health plans with joyful and fulfilling activities. We recognize the pickleball movement is one of the most powerful social fitness forces in play today. If you’re a passionate pickleball player, join us as a pickleball Social Ambassador.

Together, let’s amplify our mission, enrich social fitness, and play more pickleball.

What is a Social Ambassador?

A pickleball Social Ambassador at Grouper is a devoted enthusiast who shares their pickleball passion and expertise, actively promoting Grouper’s health plan benefits. By educating clubs and players about the potential to have their club dues covered through their health plans, this role embodies Grouper’s mission and serves as a driving force in influencing vibrant social fitness experiences.

What are the benefits?

  • Enjoy a monthly stipend of $250
  • Earn performance-based commissions across multiple tiers
  • Access a virtual comprehensive library of fitness and social activities
  • Benefit from personalized guidance and coaching from a dedicated support person
  • Empower the pickleball community at large, contributing to the enhancement of the sport as a whole!

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