Social Ambassador

Grouper is a radically new supplemental benefit sponsored by Medicare Advantage plans. Our mission is to encourage healthy living through activities that build meaningful social connections and shared experiences. The company connects seniors with thousands of in-person and virtual activities that align with their passions. From pickleball to bridge, these activities provide opportunities to become more active physically, socially, and mentally. We partner with some of the nation’s largest health plans who agree belonging and connection are the foundation of health and happiness throughout life. Led by some of the most accomplished executives from managed care, biotechnology, and care services sectors, Grouper is poised to change the landscape of healthy living. Come be a Groupee

This is Healthcare? Yes! We have our eyes set on an ambitious goal — to end loneliness & isolation. We believe that with our talented team, smart technology and engaged market access partners we can rebuild the social fabric of our society. We are still a small team, well-funded, growing quickly and focused. Play works wonders. 

The Role: 

Champion the Grouper brand in the Social Ambassador’s geography/community.

Share ideas and feedback with the Grouper team.

Share leads with our team through a simple referral form process.

Demonstrate a genuine excitement and commitment  for Grouper’s mission/vision/brand and share it with others in their social networks to help answer questions and build trust.

Embrace an entrepreneurial growth mindset and build a special program with FUN people.

Assist in the matching of new members to a club or group. 

  • Serve as a community steward to connect disconnected people identified by Grouper with a local group activity.

Attend monthly Zoom meetings with other Social Ambassadors and your Grouper contacts to share best practices and spotlight successes.

In selected cases, we may request that Social Ambassadors consider:

Creating social media content of their own, in their voice, using our digital assets and prompts.  Grouper will repost this social media content as appropriate. This agreement includes the Ambassador’s permission to use their content. Any content with Grouper tagged or mentioned must meet Grouper Community Guidelines. 

Conducting events in conjunction with Grouper support/representing Grouper at in-person events, as needed.

Participating as “voice of club or member” on calls, as needed, to help promote Grouper to members or partners.

Participating in promotional videos, giving consent to Grouper to use your name and share details of your experience as a member of activity clubs in communications produced by or on behalf of Grouper, including printed, internet and electronic applications, as well as to news media outlets.

Goals (“what does good looks like”):

  • An honorable effort to make club referrals/brainstorm on club referrals.

  • Assist in the matching of new members to a club or group. 

    • Serving as a community steward, help get “socially unfit” or socially disconnected members identified by Grouper connected with a local group activity.


Monthly retainer, and commissions for successful club onboarding.