Benefits With Friends

With the joy that sparks from being together,  we can make each other happier and healthier. And it may even help us live longer. Social moments power our well-being and protect us from isolation and loneliness. This is why Grouper exists. 

We bring you together with people who share your passions-people who love bunko, bridge, bowling, line dancing, pickleball, and Zumba-just as much as you do. From the pool to the pool hall, the potential for feeling great is all around us. We can belong anywhere with anyone doing anything, and get the same life-enriching benefits*.

Like a pharmacy for social activity, we fill your prescriptions for friendship and fun, and make sure your health plan picks up the bill. There’s no catch. No side effects. You play, we pay. 

*Benefits may include improved mobility, cognition, mood, energy, memory and confidence {in your trumphing, cha-cha-ing and drinking skills-to name a few}.

Welcome to the Social Fitness Movement

Grouper is the leader (and instigator) of the social fitness movement. We believe in the benefits of having fun and staying active with friends so much, that we’re willing to pay people to do it. 

Image of a man in front laughing at the end of a yoga class for older people sitting on the floor on his yoga carpet with his shoe in his hand

Grouper is:

  • your annual group or club membership dues covered
  • a national directory of 50,000 clubs to explore and join based on your zip
  • online groups to join with live instructors and health-related content you can’t find anywhere else
  • a community of passionate Grouper members to keep you interested and interesting
  • ongoing perks and rewards for engagement
  • the only health benefits platform to pay for social activities

Social Fitness is:


Physical inactivity has been identified as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. 


The more mental stimulation we get, the more likely we are to hold on to better brain-functioning, even as we age.


Studies have shown, social connections are closely related to well-being and personal happiness. 

“I’ve made a number of friends just by being a member of these organizations. It’s impacted my overall life by giving me a purpose… I have something to look forward to every day.”

-Jim Morris

Fine Arts Guild

Life's Too Long Not to Belong