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Grouper knows when to stay out of the kitchen. We know when the ball can be played in the air. And we know that when people join pickleball clubs, their physical and mental improve. Now, some of the biggest Medicare Advantage plans in the country have started to figure it out, too.

We work with the largest Medicare Advantage plans to reimburse pickleball clubs every time your eligible, enrolled members play pickleball!

Join Hundreds of Pickleball Clubs Around the Country

who have joined the Grouper network of clubs to enjoy:

Medicare reimbursements that offset eligible member's dues

A regular revenue stream for your club

Access to new members (if applicable)

There’s no cost to you or your club.

Element3 Health is not an insurance company or broker. We’re just a company dedicated to healthy aging, and we see pickleball as the key to good health.By joining the Grouper network of clubs, you’re actively working to improve access to activities that improve mental and social wellness. You’re club also gains recognition and new access to members interested in playing bridge.


You're already on the court every week
(Or every day. Or maybe every hour)

Isn't it time your club got paid for it?

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